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Psalm Day and Night

November 4, 2010

About two-dozen Gordon-Conwell students brought the Scriptures and music to Cambridge, Massachusetts, on Oct. 13, 2010.

The service was part of an event called Psalm Day and Night. Students held Psalms-themed evening worship on the South Hamilton campus on Oct. 12, and then led worship and handed out psalms in Winthrop Park in Cambridge the next day.

Third-year MAEM student Ellie Cho spearheaded the first Psalm Night last year as a way to deepen Gordon-Conwell’s spiritual life. That event consisted only of the on-campus worship service. She added the trip to Cambridge this year to extend that worship beyond the seminary community.

She desired to focus not on street evangelism but on pointing others to God through worship.

“We wanted to change the spiritual atmosphere of the place,” Ellie explains.

Second-year M.Div. student Kristen Vogelaar, another leader of the event, agrees.

“The aim was to let people taste and see that the Lord is good. We decided to do Psalms because they get at the heart that a lot of people have. … Places are just places, but when there is a space people have prayed and worshiped in, it changes that space.”

Leaders Ellie, Kristen and second-year M.Div. student Pearl Jang feel that the event successfully ministered to Christians and unbelievers alike.

“For this year’s Psalm Night preparations, I felt much spiritual opposition,” Ellie says.
“Other people experienced God letting them know that the Lord was doing the spiritual warfare over the night, before the day we were going out to Cambridge. On that day, everything was so smooth, peaceful, and the place was evidently filled with joy.”

“A large part of the joy we felt was the realization that when we do things like this, it’s a privilege,” Kristen says. “It’s something God lets us be a part of, but the weight doesn’t rest on our shoulders.”

Written by Ruth Hawk