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UPDATED 7/6: Please Pray for Dr. Gary Parrett and his Family

July 6, 2010

Dr. Gary Parrett, Professor of Educational Ministries and Worship, was injured in a serious bus crash in South Korea earlier today where 12 passengers died. Please pray for Dr. Parrett, his family and all those involved. We will try to keep the seminary community updated as often as possible.

UPDATE: He (Dr. Parrett) has been transferred safely to his new hospital in Seoul. He has been evaluated by doctors there and his prognosis is better than previously thought. Although he is still unconscious, his vital signs are currently stable and the bleeding in his brain seems to have stopped. Thank you, everyone, for your continued prayers. (Via his daughter, Alisa)

UPDATE 7/5: Dr. Parrett's family has set up a website to provide more information about his condition and progress.

UPDATE 7/6: The Evangelical Covenant Church has released a news story about the accident which also confirmed that alum (MDIV '01) Kyu Bum "Kenny" Ye, who was traveling with Dr. Parrett, passed away in the crash. Ye had just been installed at Highrock Covenent Church and, according to the story, "intended to seek credentials through the Evangelical Covenant Church and then help Highrock plant a congregation sometime next year, says Highrock Pastor David Swaim." Please pray for Ye's family and Highrock Church during this difficult time.