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New Website Introduction

August 16, 2011

Dear visitor,

As you can see, we've recently launched a new website.

While there have been a number of behind-the-scenes enhancements, what we most want from this transition is that you, the visitor, are able to find what you need as simply and quickly as possible. However, if you were familiar with our old site, we realize that this may require a slight adjustment. Please be assured that all of the content is still here, it just may be in a different place.

The transition to a new website began about a year ago, when we interviewed and surveyed current and future students, alumni, and faculty and staff. Based on what you told us, we tried to create a better and more usable website. For example, one such enhancement is a dynamic matrix that quickly and completely shows all our degree programs at all campuses.

This is only a beginning. We hope to be adding content often, and helping you discover more about Gordon-Conwell.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,

Michael Colaneri
Director of Communications & Marketing