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Alum Performs at Fenway Park

October 21, 2011

Matt Scott (M.Div., 2011) never imagined himself performing at Boston’s historic Fenway Park. “You don’t picture yourself there. I mean, it’s Fenway Park .. it’s iconic.”

But that is where he found himself on Sunday, September 18 for the first ever “Faith Day at Fenway Park.” Organized by Christians on the Red Sox, the event featured music as well as stories from several players. Nearly 1,200 people attended the event, which took place after a Sunday afternoon game.

Between musical sets, Red Sox players Adrian Gonzalez, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, J.D. Drew and Daniel Bard gave their testimonies.

According to Scott, the players were very approachable. “Meeting the guys, they were fantastic. Incredibly down to earth and very gracious and kind to us.”

But how does an event like this serve the kingdom?

“There were a lot of people who came up to me after the event, who were sincerely touched and moved by the players. There are men they respect as great athletes, but they also saw that they have a deep faith as well.

“Also, there may have been a number of people in the audience who were not Christians. Coming to faith can be a long process. What we did on Sunday was just a small part. However, I do believe God can use an event like Faith Day to change and transform peoples lives.”