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Alumnus Helps Churches Foster Creation Care

September 19, 2014

Alumnus Colby May (M.A. Ethics and Society ’14), former Seminary Stewardship Alliance ambassador, is on a mission to help churches and seminaries become better stewards of their resources.

Serving as an energy auditor for LIT (Learn Inspire Transform), a firm that he co-founded, Colby’s goal is not only to reduce organizations’ costs but to empower individuals and congregations to steward energy well.

“Our immediate focus is to empower churches, seminaries, and other faith-based organizations by performing energy audits, building behavior-based energy conservation programs, developing curriculum and more, as a means to promote creation care,” Colby explains. “We also want to use our experience in the energy management field as a means to empower work in the most vulnerable countries,” including a partnership with World Relief in Goma, Congo.

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