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Reflections on Charleston

June 19, 2015

When one part of the Body suffers, the whole Body suffers with it (I Cor. 12:26). Thus, as a seminary community we grieve for the loss of precious human life through the shootings in Charleston, South Carolina. We grieve for the families and church members who have lost loved ones, but we also grieve for our nation that too frequently suffers from hatred, violence and racism.

We pray that God’s tender mercies will be poured out upon our brothers and sisters in Charleston, and upon our African-American friends throughout America as they once again ask, “Why us?” As a seminary we believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ speaks to suffering, injustice and hatred. We renew ourselves in the call to live out the implications of the Gospel and to faithfully proclaim it in the midst of human loss and brokenness.

Dennis P. Hollinger, Ph.D.
President &
Colman M. Mockler Distinguished Professor of Christian Ethics